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Coldplay being sued over "Clocks", "Yellow", "Trouble"


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So Coldplay is being sued...again. Some crazy guy is saying they stole Clocks, Yellow, and Trouble from him. My question is why file a lawsuit now? Why didn't he sue 8 and 10 years ago---when the songs came out? Anyway, here is the article...


Ticked Off Musician Sues Coldplay over 'Clocks'


Posted Jan 13th 2010 6:15PM by TMZ Staff


Coldplay is being sued by a man who calls himself a "well-talented" yet "unknown" songwriter ... and claims the band straight up jacked three of the nearly 4,000 songs he's written in his lifetime.


Sammie Lee Smith just filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, alleging he wrote the songs "Yellow," "Clocks" and "Trouble" -- only to have them stolen from him and turned into massive hits by Coldplay.


In the lawsuit, Sammie claims since 1976, he has "recorded approximately 100 tapes, each tape containing approximately 40 songs." Sammie does not say if any of his other 3,997 songs were ever stolen by anyone.


Sammie wants the band to stop playing his hits ... and he wants an unknown, but probably massive, amount of money for his trouble.


Filed under: Celebrity Justice


Read more: http://www.tmz.com/#ixzz0cY3qy0Jg

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Oddly, TMZ does some amazing reporting. That goofy site gets stories way before the rest of the media, and, often, that shit turns out to be true.



yah i agree, i actually trust TMZ a lot of the time, i think they do more then perez hilton, he does it for attention, i think tmz does it cause its their job if that makes sense lol

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