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M83 love <3


Are there any fans out there?...


hello? hello? hello?


I really love the band. I don't know much about them personally. Actually I don't know much about most the bands I listen to personally, but I love M83. And I couldn't find another thread for them, so here goes

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For the third album released by M83' date=' Before the Dawn Heals Us, Gonzalez decided to part from Fromageau (after an emotionally distressing tour for Dead Cities) and record mainly on his own, with the help of a few other musicians.[/quote']


oh :uhoh: .......................

I read that before, but for some reason I thought it wasn't permanent for some reason. Well I do love digital shades.

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I couldn't find 'Until Dawn Heals Us', but I found a few others. I like 'Don't Save Us From The Flames' (I think that's the right title.) They're not bad...a little too synthy for me, but not bad.


sorry, I was actually talking about an album, not a song. I would recommend

'Run Into Flowers'


'don't save us...' < which you already have

'strong and wasted'



that will give you somewhat of a taste from each album

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M83 are an awesome electro/shoegazer French band.


Anyone else here listen to them?


I've seen them once and have to say it was brilliant, one of the best gigs i've ever been to, for a three-piece band their sound was massive.


Their music hits a spot with me because they've perfected a sound which actually reminds you of your childhood, I didn't think that was even possible!


Saturdays=Youth has been their latest commercial release and I must say it's top notch. My favourite album though would have to be 'Before The Dawn Heals Us'


Plus Morgan Kibby is very easy on the eye :D

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intense stuff, although I think they/he already have/has a thread somewhere. Dead cities, red seas etc. is pwobably my favorite album. But stuff on 'Before the dawn' like Moonchild, Teen Angst and Lower your eyelids are also sublime. Can't say I care much for his latest album, but I do like how he's made an art of larger than life synth textures with piercing, grinding melodies. Although, because of this, its not something I can listen to for hours on end.

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Here's some links Gautama, I hope you enjoy them! :)


Graveyard Girl: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gY8iy8S0S4w]YouTube- M83 - Graveyard Girl video (dir Mathew Frost)[/ame]


Teen Angst: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZnJciiFIYI&feature=channel]YouTube- M83 - Teen Angst[/ame]


Don't Save Us From The Flames: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpT0rrtwpLg&feature=channel]YouTube- M83 - Don't Save us From the Flames[/ame]


Kim & Jessie: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5cgzcjqOtE&feature=channel]YouTube- M83 - Kim and Jessie video[/ame]

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