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Kazza is bloody stupid and I need the new Travis songs!


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Less of the Kazaa bashing if you will...


While Bittorrent is indeed a bloody wonderful program, it doesnt have the range that Kazaa does and never will. Kazaa is a network of every music file in Kazaa users' Shared Folder, whereas Bittorent allows you to download specific albums only.


If you're looking for that elusive TV theme song, Radiohead acoustic performance, or remix of your favourite song, there's not much chance Bittorrent will have it, unless it was shoved into an album at one point.


The ideal set up is to use both Kazaa and Bittorrent. Kazaa for individual track downloading and last resort purposes, Bittorrent for high-speed full album downloads.

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Chris' date=' the king of torrent... ;) :wink3:[/quote']

thank you " princess noni "


ps . hope you got the cp show ( star lounge ) ok



HTTT :sneaky:


:blush: The royal family is here!!

We have to speak about that program and the gig...

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