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What are you afraid of?


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oh. :thinking:


BEN LINUS IS AWESOME. i think i once wrote about him as the character i admired when my English teacher asked me to write about a character I admired. :lol:


i haven't been catching up with Lost though. :disappointed: i need to motivate myself to watch that show.

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I'm serious, or Faith in Love if the concept of God bothers you :)


if you add a 'T' to the end of your username, it makes Malaikat, which means angel in Malay.


And yes, having faith actually wards away fear. But please remember, we are all human. we still have the ability to feel.

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I was thinking... about my previous post in this thread... My dad told me a while ago that he thought that when one fears death is because one isn't doing something right with their life. And so the fear of dying.


Could that be true? Or maybe is because one loves life too much?

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one fears the unknown.


That's right, but many people here are only scared of spiders or insects... (Or so they wrote) Only a few have mentioned death. I was just wondering if there's anything specific that makes you really worried about death or simply the opposite of not caring much. We all are going to die anyway, why to even bother?

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