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"Shutter Island" - WTF did Scorsese do there??


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I saw it and I liked it. I haven't much expectation for this film, I was just looking for a good divertissment with good acting and it was just that. Nothing special but a good movie with a twist in the end. I prefer see this than another braindead blockbuster like 'Spiderman' or '300'... :dozey:


So no disappointement for me!



but i wouldn't use The Departed as a Scorsese reference or benchmark...cos he took the movie idea/story/concept/etc from the awesome Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs (which itself is better than The Departed, imo).

I totally agree!! Infernal Affairs (the first one) is brilliant and way more subtle than The Departed which I found 'too much' in every way... Leo was good in it though.

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I just got back from seeing it in a preview and I have to let out my BIG disappointment. :bigcry:


I knew the reviews weren't that good and I heard everywhere that it wasn't received very well at the Berlin Film Festival...

But I am a huge fan of Leonardo's work, starting with movies like "This boy's life" until now so I went to see the movie and make my own impression.


If this was a first movie by some new filmmaker I'd say "ok, there is potential" but from Martin Scorsese who did "Departed" etc? :wtf:


The story could have made a brilliant movie. This work isn't.


The dream sequences are horribly filmed.

Was the colour of the blood meant to be "art"? His wife turning into ashes did not fit in at all. There are better ways to "picture" a dream. Wasted CGI money.

The music is not tension-inducing but simply awful and does not support the visuals.

The scene with the glass? Seriously? Wow, he tried to trick the viewer to question the events! Well done! [/sarcasm] As if it was sooooo unclear before. How dumb does he think the viewers are? That was unnecessary.

The actor looking like golumn could only make me laugh.

In fact it was so bad that we all had to laugh at some points because it was simply terrible.

Don't get me started on the scene in the car where you can clearly see that they are NOT driving but are in front of a blue / green screen (whatever you call it in English).


With 140 minutes that movie is definitely too long and I was glad when it was over, only the last few minutes were great although it's somewhat confusing to see moving corpses in such an expensive movie.


I need to see another GOOD movie! :embarrassed:

Recently it's just crap coming out in the "blockbuster" department.


Leo was fabulous in "Revolutionary Road" (as he is in all his movies IMO) and he'd deserve an Oscar.

I hope his next choice will be better.


Sorry too post this too late.. But I loved it its a 10/10 maybe you were too technical.. but as a wholle movie i was great and the story is very solid... Leo's acting has never been better its truelly believable and so was the others e.g Mark Ruffalo's , the story had elements of horror,mystery and suspense. So overall it will /can be a nominee for best picture and so is Di Caprio's performance is outstanding mate

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