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Does it count as art if it has to follow rules


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By this I mean, look at Egyptian tomb paintings, you'll notice that over thousands of years the style was identical. This was because it was a public decree by the pharaoh that things had to be done a certain way (the pharaoh always had to be bigger than everybody but the gods, always had to be in front in each panel, lots of other rules). The people who made these paintings were not artists in what I think is the modern sense, I mean they didn't come up with the paintings by themselves, they painted them for the state and if they painted them wrong the paintings would be destroyed (and they'd be killed I imagine.)


So: question is, do these tomb paintings, to you, "count" as "art"?

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I would say it's art, even if they were told what to paint they're still made by a person with creative intentions.


Maybe this is a bit off topic but in Sweden there was a large debate about the thin line between what's art or not some time ago. It was about an art student who filmed herself while pretending to jump from a bridge to show how the authorities deal with mentally unstable persons. So the question was maybe more about how far a person can go and still call it art. I mean it had a purpose but it's still stupid since people could get hurt. It raises a lot of questions, for example is it art to kill a person and then hang the person on a wall and call it a protest against killing animals and hang them as trophies on their walls? Is it art as long as the the act had an artistic purpose?

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In my opinion it's not about the artistic purpose that makes something art, it's about the reception by people, if somebody thinks my window is art it's art to that person.


But you can't go around calling art "Something that is art to many people" because that's stupid, so I just usually say "art."

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