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I love this song!

Luka Modric

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I am very much loving to like to play my acoustical stringed instrument to the musical stylings of Martins timeless 1980s anthem 'Fix You' and I has made some editions to the lyrics of Cristov Martin which I think have very much perhaps improved the song, if not completed it! Also I think my chord progressions are very much better than Martins because Martin is just all "Oh I will fingerpick the same four chords!", but Yossarian is all "Oh I will fingerpick those four chords alright, but I shall throw in a DIMINISHED SEVENTH", which Martin would never and has never done because he is not a real musician he is sort of like the indie equivilant of Avril Lavinge. :laugh3:


But yes these are the new lyrics, tell Martin and I what you think!


When the fear comes streaming through your house

when you dont know if your man or mouse

when you think you might suffer head-louse

could it be worse?


When Martin sings this song to me

he makes me see who I want to see

be who I want to be

When I think more than I want to think

And do things I never should do

Think much more than I want to think

Because it brings me back Martin



I feel unsteady

like my love


I am feeling unready

Wheres my love?!?!

Listen to me!

Why is everything so hazey!?

Is it that he

coming to me

(martin) clearrrrrrrllyyyy.....



What is it you like the most of these lyrics? Does you like them more than Martin?

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