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The Parachutes Video


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hey...there REALLY is a Parachutes video...honestly. i've saw it about 3 times..and i have it recorded it to video twice from when MTV2 has had Coldplay weekends, they just slip it in during the day. it's just clips of the band, with a camera kind of phasing in and out of focus...but not like...in/out /in /out /in /out...anyway, the band are standing around and sitting down places on a ot day...looks alright.

last time i saw it on MTV2 though, was when it looked a bit different, and when a song started and finished, the song title and artist names, used to swoop across the screen and show at the bottom...

i'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow morning....but when i return...i'll put the video to my computer, and someone can host it somewhere...? any takers?


How's that going, by the way? :P

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Guest LiquidSky

Here's an av from the video...it's basically the whole video 'cause it's not that long anyways.. :smug: :D



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