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The Parachutes Video


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Guest LiquidSky
hello i am Eduardo and i live in madrid

i was born in Argentina and english is not my first language

anyone knows the 2004 tour dates?


Hola Bienvenido :)

No sabemos si va a ver un tour 2004 porque la novia de Chris, Gwyneth, esta embarazada y el bebe va a nacer en el 2004 y entonces Chris va a estar con el bebe y nadie sabe si va a ver un tour 2004 :/

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hey...there REALLY is a Parachutes video...honestly. i've saw it about 3 times..and i have it recorded it to video twice from when MTV2 has had Coldplay weekends, they just slip it in during the day. it's just clips of the band, with a camera kind of phasing in and out of focus...but not like...in/out /in /out /in /out...anyway, the band are standing around and sitting down places on a ot day...looks alright.

last time i saw it on MTV2 though, was when it looked a bit different, and when a song started and finished, the song title and artist names, used to swoop across the screen and show at the bottom...

i'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow morning....but when i return...i'll put the video to my computer, and someone can host it somewhere...? any takers?

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:shocked: :shocked:

THERE IS A VIDEO OF PARACHUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :happy:

yes yes yes yes!!! :happy:

I saw it two years ago!!!!!!!!!! I have seen it several times on mtv2!! well.. it is a video like a domestic video... there's no big scenes or something like that!! it is just a video from them... and they appear walking on a park... laughing... it is very funny i like it a lot.... but i wanna download it as well... and i can't!!!! :sad2:

but yeeeeeeeeeees there is a video!!!!! :D

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they still tour?

sorry im just being introduced to them

i dont really know much about them


Yea, they still tour. They even released an album this year called hail to the thief. you should get it eric, it's totally great. there's a song called there there, it's like, the coolest bass ever. in fact... colin greenwood is one hell of a bassist.


And... there really is a parachutes video?!?! :o wow, i want it!!!! :stunned:

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