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What were your top 20 Coldplay songs on February 1st, 2006


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Oh Tammi! :rolleyes2:


Mine were:


1 Speed Of Sound

2 X&Y

3 Clocks

4 The Scientist

5 Swallowed in the sea

6 Politik

7 Spies

8 Trouble

9 Shiver

10 Fix You

11 Twisted Logic

12 Daylight

13 A Rush

14 Yellow

15 Square One

16 Talk

17 In My Pace

18 See You Soon

19 Low

20 Everything's Not Lost


:thinking: yes, it was exactly so!

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If I take my list from the poll late last year and remove and of the Viva era songs, I would get the following as my top 20 songs on February 1, 2006. Please keep in mind that at that point, I hadn't really "discovered" any of their b-sides yet, otherwise this list would have been a bit different:


1. Amsterdam

2. Trouble

3. A Rush of Blood to the Head

4. The Scientist

5. X & Y

6. What If

7. Fix You

8. Shiver

9. A Message

10. Swallowed in the Sea

11. Clocks

12. Everything’s Not Lost

13. Yellow

14. We Never Change

15. In My Place

16. White Shadows

17. Spies

18. Green Eyes

19. Talk

20. Politik

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Funny, VLV. You must have time traveled to the future and then came back to 2006.

You almost got the joke. :P


Although I became a Coldplay fan in 2006, I think it was later than February. And my favorite was probably Clocks or Speed of Sound. :laugh3: (although granted, I still do rank both of them fairly high)

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X&Y makes me think of Chris and Jonny...:uhoh:
I like your brain :wideeyed:



And I listened to movie soundtracks back then and HOW ON EARTH do you even know what your favourite Coldplay songs where in 2006? :stunned:

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I like your brain :wideeyed:


Ah, God, I've got to siggy that :stunned:


Well, I didn't know Coldplay then, but of the songs released to the date, something along the lines of...


1. Don't Panic

2. Shiver

3. Daylight

4. Trouble

5. The Scientist

6. Yellow

7. Square One

8. I Ran Away

9. Murrrderrr

10. White Shadows

11. Clocks

12. Politik

13. A Rush of Blood To The Head

14. We Never Change

15. X&Y

16. Fix You

17. Spies

18. A Message

19. Gravity

20. Ladder To The Sun

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