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Do you/did you ever collect anything?


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I used to have a massive sticker album and I used to swap them with my friends in the playground when I was little. :cool:

I also used to collect cool pin badges although I used to get jealous because my brother collected some too and his were really amazing compared to mine. :(


Now I collect Justin Bieber facebook adverts.....:wtf:

(Not because I love him but to prove how many Bieb adverts spam my homepage. :veryangry2:)

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I used to collect crystals, like the ones you find on playgrounds and stuff. That was back in the preschool/elementary school days. I've been collecting spoons for many years now, you know like the souvenir kind?

I also used to collect beanie babies when I was little, but now I just collect real babies. I mean wat.

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Stamps and weird figurine things. Lol, I used to have a whole shelf of Laura's Attic collectibles when I was younger.


Now it's keychains from places my Grandma's gone, and Christmas ornaments. My mom gets me this really nice angel series and every year for Christmas my uncle gets me these little jack-in-the-box ones :lol:

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