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coldplay emo

lovers in japan

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well what is EMO really? If a person has to dress and look like one to be a complete emo, then NO THEY'RE NOT!


But if singing about that natural thing called DEATH is enough to be called Emo, then yes they are. Some people think it this way, it's sad but ok. LET THEM BE EMO THEN, who cares? :laugh3: I bet they had never even thought about it :)

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i know, grenouillezelda. it's crazy once you realize just how emo they are.

then you can never look at them the same way again.






chris is scaring me :uhoh:




Ahahaha, good job! :lol: they're not bad at all!



Let me say y'all I wasn't shouting at anyone in my last post :) i'm sorry if i got exalted. I was just stating my point of view.

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