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coldplay emo

lovers in japan

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OMFG! Hahaha, yes, there are many people that think Coldplay is a band you can listen to when youre putting a bullet in your head, and the reason of thinking like this is that there are very depressing CP songs , that doesn´t mean they are emo or whatever. We all have happy moments and sad moments too and what a musician tries to express as all the rest of artists is the feeling they have at the moment of making their stuff. So, if you search that feelings in all types of music styles you´ll find out that though the melody is sticky and cheerful, maybe the artist is shouting how bad he/she feels.

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I'm not sure if anyone has stated this yet but emo stemmed from the word "emotional". Following that logic, yes, Coldplay is an EXTREMELY emo band. Chris puts a lot of his feelings into his lyrics.


But according to the mainstream definition of emo (i.e. bands with eyeliner, tight pants, and fangirls who cut themselves and cry themselves to sleep while wearing black and hating their lives) no, they are not emo at all. Well, they have the tight pants but that's pretty much it.

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I know! I cut myself when i see the butterflies in the vid too *cuts*


I cut myself while listening to Lovers in Japan and throwing my butterflies all over me. :disappointed: I hardly got any butterflies without blood left. :disappointed:

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i know, grenouillezelda. it's crazy once you realize just how emo they are.

then you can never look at them the same way again.






chris is scaring me :uhoh:



I hope you didn't spend ages on that one


I like how Will needs no photoshopping.


lips, nubhead




depends whether you mean emo as in the stupid fashion style or emo as in emotional

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and how about that thing with b.o.b? it says he wanted to kill himself but when he heard Square One he gave up!


Coldplay's sometimes depressive but sometimes they're happy too!

they're just the best band in the world that sing about everything and their lyrics aren't emo!!!

I listen to CP and everyone here do too and I don't think someone here is emo!

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No. Way is coldplay emo. They touch us with there lyrics but that isn't emo. Sorry to everyone else who listens to all the modern crap and isn't used to a musical genius like chris and the genius of his lyrics. Coldplay are one of the few bands who actually put meaning into their songs and that is one of the main reasons why I love their music so much.

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