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Which member of Coldplaying.com annoys you the most?


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I have to agree about putting yourself on there, before we started talking on MSN I thought you were a total prick.


That said, you may be a prick, I don't know, you're a reasonable person so I definitely wouldn't say you're the worst person on here, but others may disagree, and I can understand that.


Oh and put me on there. I vote Reilly.

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Pretty much everyone is on the list. Why the hell would I create this poll and not include myself, as if I'm afraid of what the results might be? I know a fair deal of people on here absolutely hate me, and if they didn't then I wouldn't be doing my job right.

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Didn't realise we could vote for as many as we want, and I think that's fucked up.


And I do think Josh is a total **** for voting the ELS as an annoying member. When does she ever get into any kind of fights? You can't ask for better members then that, fucking ludicrous.

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