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Justin Bieber


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This isn't a hate thread.

This isn't a love thread.

Moreso a why do you hate him so much thread.


So who knows what will happen with him when his balls drop.




Let's move past the fact that his fan base is primarily young girls and he has a shit haircut (but hey, so does Win Butler).


He is a hard working musician.


While there are lots of musicians targeting that age demographic, I take the beibs the most seriously. First of all it was incredibly smart with him going with Usher instead of JT. I think that opened a few more doors for him. It's pretty cool that somebody of Usher's status wanted to work with this kid.


And then that latest mix with Kanye West, that is quite an honour to be working with one of the most popular current rap/hip hop artists today especially considering he isn't in that genre.


Honestly, I think that JB's songs are better than half the top 40 crap that is on the radio right now.


Haters gonna hate but I think this kid needs to get cut some slack.

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I respect all musicians who really care about their music, but bieber got so popular 'cause (like you just said) he is working with famouse people and that he's "good looking" (not to me though)

there are lots of bands/artists like him, tokio hotel (sorry but you'll never hear me say I respect them ...) jonas brothers, miley cyrus (or something) and so on ...

I don't say their music is crap or that they're losers,

I just can't accept that their being 'carried' to the top :uhoh:

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^^^^THIS! In my opinion in 20 years if Justin Bieber loses he's looks he's probably going to stop being so famous...like many other young musicians like him in the past :\ And has you said he only works with very famous people...but it's just my opinion :) I don't want to offend anyone! :uhoh:


He's songs aren't really my style :D

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^^^^^^^ We don't know want goes in famous people minds...lol This may sound ridiculous, but wasn't Bieber already famous before working with Usher? And maybe these more famous singers like him are trying to take advantage of him, because he's the latest pop fiever...but I don't know :lol:

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