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Justin Bieber


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I think I've posted this opinion before (Some people don't need to repeat themselves 500 times to get attention) but I like Bieber, I wouldn't listen to his songs but he seems like a good kid (From the one interview I've seen of him).


Yeah, so his music sucks, he still seems talented, and it's not like he's killing anyone.


The people who truely hate him from the bottom of their heart have no lives and nothing of real worth of value in their lives to actually concern themselves over.

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Brawling Justin Bieber ‘may face court for neighbour attack’




Brawling Justin Bieber ‘may face court for neighbour attack’


POP superstar Justin Bieber could face assault charges over his “spitting mad” confrontation with a neighbour, it was claimed yesterday.


Los Angeles police are asking the District Attorney to haul the star into court for criminal battery, a leading US news website claims.


He has been accused of pushing, spitting at and threatening to kill car sales tycoon Jeff Schwartz in a fracas last week on the doorstep of his £4.27million mansion.


Mr Schwartz allegedly confronted the singer, 18, for racing around the private estate in the LA suburb of Calabasas at speeds of up to 100mph in high-performance sports cars.


Mr Schwartz’s wife Suzie said last night: “He deserves to be charged over this. Justin Bieber is a punk. Spitting on someone is unacceptable. He can’t do this to people.”


Bieber faces prosecution in Germany after trying to sneak his pet monkey Mally into the country.


Earlier this month, British fans were angry when he arrived almost two hours late for one of his gigs at London’s O2 Arena, left the stage early at another gig after complaining he could not breathe properly and then threatened a photographer outside his hotel.



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It's starting to get pretty hilarious/sad, I don't even follow what he's up to but in recent weeks he's been 2 hours late to a concert, pretended to try and fight a paparazzi while being filmed, walked shirtless through an airport, spat on his neighbour after he was the one driving incredibly fast around a small neighbourhood, and now he's smuggling his pet monkey on flights.


I mean with the monkey thing, he must be really stupid not to know you need a lot of paperwork to move an animal around (Or he knows and just didn't care) but surely someone around him would know that, and clearly everyone's afraid to point it out. Or they did point it out, and he didn't care.

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It's sad, really. I used to be like "lol bieber ridiculous baby piece of shit yo" but then with that "Boyfriend"/new era sort of thing, i thought "eh, maybe he's getting on a right path, i mean musically speaking after all he *is* getting better"

And now he's ruining the newfound-sort-of-respect he was starting to finally get, with things totally unrelated to his music. That is very sad.

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I dislike his music, a lot, but before recently I wouldn't have said his personality was bad, but now if what I've read is true (and come on, we all know the press exaggerate) and there has been photographs/videos to prove it, I would say he is attention seeking and being quite a dickhead.

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