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An army of short people!

Arwen Evenstar

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A few other short members of this forum and I have decided to start an army for all the short people on this forum, all short people are welcome to join! :)


Requirements to join the army:


anyone who thinks they are short or have been told they are short can join the army


* to everyone who posts in this thread, please make sure to tell us what your height is.



our first plan is to spam the tall army thread with pics of short people

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I'm 5'4 and nearly everyone I know is taller than me, it's not something that bothers me as such but if I could magically be a few inches taller I would be.

i've been always the shortest of my class, i had to deal with the stupid annoying giraffes in class most of the times.


what bothers me is go to a job interview and sense the stupid interviewer looks at me bad and so will dump my application just cause i'm short.

does it make me less capable to work as a cashier or shop assistant? :angry:

i truly think it doesn't.


:lol: funny thing is by all predictions i should had been one of the giraffes as i was pretty tall when i was born.

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