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Coldplayers meet in London to celebrate Halloween this Saturday!


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It's late notice I know, but it looks like a few of us Coldplayers will be meeting up in London this Saturday evening to celebrate Halloween :)


There are definitely four of us so far (two guys, two gals) and another lady may be able to join us :dance:


It'd be great if others could join us*, you can bring friends too of course if you like, please PM me for details!









(* There is only one member here who is not welcome, unfortunately, but he will know who he is.)




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Thanks to everyone for their interest, the group seems to be growing larger, let's hope even more can come and join our happy evening :)


Aw, I wish all the foreign-based Coldplayers could come too, I miss you guys :hug:


Again, anyone interested PM me for the details :)

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Thanks Maria!


Ok, there are definitely six of us so far, maybe seven, meeting on Saturday, wonderful!


Would anyone else like to join us? Although it's Halloween, we won't be visiting the cemetaries, promise, just a few nice pubs :P

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Many thanks guys :nice:


Final bump for anyone else to join us :)


Sofia and I were in Trafalgar Square today and there were ghosts and pumpkins running around, so the Halloween hijinks have already started!


For any possible future meet-ups: How old do you must you (at least) be to enter and drink in pubs?


You have to be 18 to drink in pubs in the UK. Many pubs allow under 18s to enter and drink soft drinks, but it depends on the pub. I don't usually see children in pubs in central London, but if you look like you could be 18 it shouldn't be a problem :)


I will be with you in spirit. :wacko:


Eek! We're being haunted from Canada!! :laugh3:


^ Oh, but Highgate Cemetery is so purrrrrttyy :wacky:




You guys should go to the Winchester pub, that would be perfect! :awesome:


Um, I bet it doesn't look pretty in the pitch black on Halloween. I certainly won't be venturing in there!! :wreck: :saw: :uhoh:

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