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what are you most afraid of?

Arwen Evenstar

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first huge fear happened so.... i guess nothing now.


... but ...


- i fear blood (never happened before but last year a relative got a deep cut on his finger and bleed a bit much, and i saw everything in black and white, felt dizzy and almost fainted, :confused: )

- get some problem in my feets or that my right shoulder/arm gets worst, generally get some sickness, that may cause me sudden death or that makes me be dependant on others.

- i fear 'forces'... i remember when i was a kid i runned around the house fearing ET would catch me. :uhoh:

- have again those awful dreams i had when i was around 14. :sick:

- not get to succes in the plans i had some years ago for my future (which so far is happening) :dozey:

- some politicians...

- feel myself alone and lonely or that i'm useless for people around me.

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Not great with heights.


I thought I was one of those people who are classed as 'afraid of heights' but then discovered people who can't look out a window from 10 floors up and stuff, but I am not a fan of heights. That said, I've conquered this fear by climbing, absailing, diving from a large height, but I still don't like standing at the end of a ledge looking down.

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I have a friend who's incredibly afraid of heights. I remember when we were in Munich together that she wanted to show me everything and climb up the stairs of church tower to have a better view. Unfortunately the staircase was wooden and you could see the ground getting farer and farer away through the steps. I asked her a million times if she wanted to go back down but she somehow managed to get herself up there, although it took us thrice as long as it would usually take one.

I'm not afraid of heights at all, I love it ... so I had my problems with understanding her, but I'm even more extreme when it comes to spiders. I've been trying over and over again to tell myself that they can never harm me etc. It doesn't work ... I get panic attacks ... hyperventilating, crying and I usually run away immediately without even thinking. I wish I could somehow get over it, because I know it's silly, but the thought of even touching a spider with my hand makes me want to cut it off.

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