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Anyone knit? I'm thinking about trying it.


I'm fully embracing my motto of "know something about everything, and everything about something"


I'm learning all about construction, figure I should try knitting, as something else different and easier. Then I'm going talk to my uncle about helping out at the farm after I finish next semester.

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Isn't there also a saying, "he who knows something about everything really knows everything about nothing" or something like that?


I know you are but what am I?



haha yeah there is. But it's a shit saying. I like my motto better. It's more fun. I think that's true if you only know a little bit about everything. I still want to pick one thing to know everything i can about.

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One of my friends is pretty skilled at crocheting but knows nothing about knitting :wacky: she's made so many hats haha but she misplaces them so yeah she doesnt have many left :anxious:. I've never tried crocheting but I'm almost done with knitting a sweater. Hmm I'm not very good though so I'll finish it when I go home to my parents for christmas. My mum will have to show me how to knit the last part

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