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F I N I S H E D !!!

Space Cadet

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I graduated from highschool 10 and 1/2 years ago. (Yes teens, I'm now bizarrely ancient. Deal with it. :P I still pass for 19 most of the time I've been told.)


In those 10+ years, I have spent nearly 8 years in some sort of post-secondary education, bouncing from thing to thing, never really finding my niche until now. I actually finished something. I am going to get a fancy diploma to show that I finished it rather than got bored/overwhelmed and moved on. I have all my credits. I am graduating!

This last semester nearly killed me. It's why I haven't been around much. But now I am D O N E. Finished. No more school. No more reports. No more killing myself over math or english homework. I never have to set foot in a school again if I don't want to. (And yet I'm already plotting how to take a recording arts elective for fun... I'm insane, aren't I? :uhoh2:)


*sigh* :mellow::D

:juggle: :juggle: :juggle:




So hello to anyone new-ish I never really got to meet in the last year or so of madness, I haven't been around as much as I used to be. My name is Mo. You might see more of me now. I'm running the annual albums of the year poll over in the world of music forum if you want to come join in the fun. *points to link in sig*




...No, still hasn't sunk in. I've been in school too long. I'm institutionalized. :shame:


...I have to find a job now, don't I? :uhoh: (eek!) How do I survive in the real world? :stunned:



So yeah. I call for a thread graduating party. :dance: :dance: :dance:

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You should feel so proud- just reading the excitement in your post made me feel proud of you !

Just take a breath on the job search, and try to choose one that makes you feel as good as all the years of work getting there.

Major respect and congrats ! :jester::drunkjoe::vuvuzela::awesome::clap::guitarist::juggle::thumbsup::joker::mad::clown::drummer::dance::dance::dance::scholar:

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congrats Mo and hey
Hello. :D


Why, Congratulations Mo :nice:


Can I be your friend? I want to be your friend.

Sure! :nice:


weld done! :P :)
Thanks, but I solder. I don't know how to weld. :p


That means that you can build a cleaning robot. :awesome:


Congratulations, Mo. Well done! :thumbsup:

I already have a store-bought vacuuming robot. I partially based my final project robot on how it moves.


Useless pet robots that do cool tricks are more fun to build. Plus, if they're a pet rather than a cleaning slave, they're less likely to revolt and lead a robot uprising to destroy us all. :uhoh:

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