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Horror films


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Horror films freak me out so much. I always hide behinde a pillow when I watch them but I still enjoy watching them for some reason :thinking:. The Orphan and The Exorcist are the only good horror films I can think of at the moment but there are many good (FREAKING SCARY) ones.


Haha is it lame that I'm freaking myself out just by googling horror films and reading different titels? I havent even watch a trailer or anything yet hahaha



I've seen 3 horror films, where of one I have yet to see and one is Shaun Of The Dead :uhoh: The last one is Drag Me To Hell which was awful.


HAHA Drag me to hell is shit :awesome: I saw it at the cinema with a friend and omg we laughed so much. No one else did though :thinking:

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