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The "Relate Everything Back To Coldplay Game"

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A coyote is a prairie wolf. The word starts with C like Coldplay - LOL.



EDIT: Cork


Cork is the name of Ireland's second-largest town/city. Coldplay have performed in Ireland several times and have been inspired by an Irish band (guess which one).



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Pancake - Jonny likes cakes - I am sure that it includes pancakes. Most people like pancakes - I am sure that it includes all members of Coldplay and their crew.



Fish - Before calling themselves Coldplay, the band had the name of StarFISH.





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String - String instruments - in particular the VIOLIN - are/is used in many Coldplay songs



Running - Chris Martin is RUNNING very much both to keep himself fit and when performing with Coldplay






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Antlers can be found on deer. Deer are often (sadly) hunted. A-Ha do a song called Hunting High And Low, which many of us know as a cover by Coldplay.


door mat


A door mat is something people walk over. To walk over something your feet must touch the ground. Coldplay have a song called Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground.



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