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if u had a band what would u want it to sound like


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Well, here's my influences and inspirations rolled into one big... thing...


catchiness like "The Man Who" and Jump Little Children

Acoustic Guitar like Nick Drake

Electric Guitar like The Edge

piano like Ben Folds (yeah, I wish)

Mellow Vocals like Fran Healy

Vocal Dynamics like Jimmy Gnecco meets Johnny Rzeznik

Falsetto like Jeff Buckley

Dynamics like Sigur Ros

Versatility like Badly Drawn Boy

Simplicity like Coldplay

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I think the thing with bands is to not try and be like anyone but to just let it all flow and try to do something creative. Not that it cant have influences, but that you transcend your influences and create your own identity. Like coldplay, although they have influences from bands like radiohead/u2/bunnyman they do have a definate edge of their own (not as in the guitarist 'the edge' but a metaphorical edge ;) )


Anyway regardless of that diatribe my influences in my guitar playing and singing are U2, Powderfinger, Radiohead and The Strokes, and ive been strongly affected by both the experimental attitude of Pink Floyd as well as Coldplays universalism.

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A mix of Pete Yorn, Ben Kweller, John Mayer, Coldplay, Third Eye Blind, and Fiction Plane.

Throw in some Jack Johnson and I'll buy a cd! :D


My band would be like Coldplay/REM/Barenaked ladies/The Pillows/Violin rock harmony stuff like "bittersweet symphony" that would be soundin good

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