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This song has the edge they have been looking for


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Nah, it's way too Coldplayish to be compared to Radiohead.


To me the guitar isn't loud enough live. On the studio version it's Jonny who carries the song, live it's Chris. I like it better with MOAR GUITARRR.


And I do think it's pretty edgy and dark, but I seem the only one. Dark for a Coldplay song I mean. So, more like twilight. :rolleyes:

It's a paranoid song.

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I'm reading 1984 by George Orwell and the song is making so much more sense now :nod:



Actually, I would recommend 1984 to anyone who hasn't read it before--I love it :D Thank God for AP English!


See now you get it :3 (I'm new but I'm so glad someone else figured out its not anti-illuminati entirely or other conspiracy nonsense.)

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