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What do you think of cover artwork??


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The cover seems simplistic, but I must admit I am really really growing to love both MX and ETIAW cover, so much so that I want them hung up as posters ! They are so vibrant and colorful, they are bound to brighten up even the darkest day!

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at first i really hated it, but then i saw the thread where everyone was figuring out what it meant and i loved it! because all the graffiti relates to the album! (ill still most likely but the MX cover though)

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Guest howyousawtheworld

I REALLY like the album cover. But then if graffiti art ain't your thing then you'll probably not like it.

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iunno, imo, they set the bar high when the used AROBTTH and X&Y covers; 2 very good ones imo


Yes they did. I like their more simple album artwork, and they haven't had a simple one since X and Y. So they prolly will never have simple again. But it still isn't a bad cover. It's just what the theme is for this new era.

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