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What do you think of cover artwork??


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I don't really agree with any of the options in the poll.

I don't like the artwork, but I also didn't like some other artwork for Coldplay so I can't even say that it's the worst so far. I especially don't like the way the title is written.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

With AROBTTH it's their best album cover. It's vibrant and colourful which I expect the album to be.

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Avant-garde?? Grafitti?? in 2011?? New Kids On The Block Revival??


Sorry, I didn't mean it directly.


It's just I think the album cover is unusual compared to what I see today in terms of album covers. Mylo Xyloto just reminds me of the style of ARoBTTH and X&Y, and how they sort of represent the album sound. With the songs I've listened to so far, the cover sort of matches the sound pretty well.

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I think more thought was put into the other album covers, this looks like a bit of a mess. But the one thing that's true with all the album covers is that they sum up the music inside excellently.


Parachutes is quite a dark and depressing album but throughout the songs there's always a sense that the light is still shining and everything will be ok in the end. The album cover shows this with the bright spinning globe surrounded by darkness.


A Rush of Blood to the Head has a very simple design which represent the simple, minimalistic ideas in the songs. There's very few layers in the songs in the album.


X&Y is quite colourful but still relatively simple. Again, the songs on the album match the cover. The songs are more diverse than on the previous albums but they still retain the simplistic elements from previous albums.


Viva la Vida is basically just an existing painting that shows the French Revolution. The overall themes of the album (revolution, war, etc.) are shown quite clearly on the album. There's a lot going on in the painting, just as musically the album is quite complex.


So if the past covers are anything to go by, the cover will probably be more appreciated after the songs on the album have been heard. This cover suggests that the music is diverse and complex. From what we've heard this is probably correct. Most of the interviewers that have heard the songs have commented on how the music 'doesn't stay in one place for long' and is always changing.


So yeah, that's my take on it :) One thing I will say though is that I don't like how the title is written and overall I much prefer the alternative 'MX' cover.

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