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I'm positive PoC will not be left off MX!!


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Guest howyousawtheworld

I like it but currently I fail to see how this song fits into a "concept" like album. One moment your singing about grafitti on a bridge and the next your talking about fairy tale stories! Excellent song though!

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Princess Of China fits in with that same theme expressed in Major Minus, being careful and trying to escape the all-seeing eye or what have you.


There's the self-expressionist theme with graffiti, said theme of surveillance, and then that alien/spacial theme. This album is actually going to be pretty interesting.

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Well, iam pretty sure it will be on Mylo Xyloto. The oracle is excited about it,we are, Phil mentioned it on his recent tweet. Its my favourite because its totally different to all songs theyve written so far and i cant get it out of my mind !


Personally, iam sure its also one of their three fav songs in this era and they just wanted to find out how it works live at Rock im Park. This song will be a great anthem on their upcoming tour,like CB...for sure !

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I agree that this is a very nice song, and there's been a lot of talk about it too across the internet. It and Hurts Like Heaven seem to be getting the most attention from what I can see. This is just a thought, but, could Spanish Rain be a B-side to Princess of China?


By the way, here's a better sounding version (and a cool made-up cover)

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrhPePOih9E]Coldplay - Princess of China - YouTube[/ame]


So tell that princess, she'll never be lonely again.

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