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I'm positive PoC will not be left off MX!!


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It's such an amazing song! I've listened to it so many times!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68h3fl5rctI]Coldplay - Princess of China {Better Quality} - YouTube[/ame]

Can you really say a song like that will be left off?? And if you say it's going to be left off because of the lyrics, no one can understand the lyrics in the first place so... I still don't believe you.

Its structure is so awesome!!!!

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Yes! And how it WILL NOT be left off! It's like the Viva La Vida of Mylo Xyloto (so far). BTW, Charlie Brown, Princess Of China and Hurts Like Heaven are ALL single quality songs. This gives me a lot of hope for LP5 being the best thing ever.


I think PoC is definitely the strongest one. It has an interesting structure with awesome synthesizers, guitar parts and tack piano overlays! And the main synth-riff is orgasmic!

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No I don't think they would put it as a B-side. First of all, Up In Flames is obviously going to be on the album because Chris and the rest of the band are "fired up about it". Paradise is going to be a single. Princess Of China (when mentioned along with two other songs that are 99% sure to be on the album) is pretty much guaranteed.


If they leave Princess Of China out and release it as a B-side, then I guess it's also pretty safe to say there must have been some pretty freakin' super songs to take its place in the album sequencing.

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August 15, 2011 - submitted by Cerenna, United Kingdom


Q. So Phil tweeted recently the band is relieved to have announced the name of the album and it's release date. He also said this : 'Paradise, Up in Flames, Princess of China...let's get 'em out there!' Can you confirm these songs are definitely going to be released, no matter if on an album or as an EP? Because many fans, like me, fret we won't get to hear them (at least not PoC and Up in Flames) despite the tweet. And you could actually respond to a question related to the new album once in a year. Thanks much.



The Oracle replies:


If Phil tweeted them at this stage, they will be on the album / released. He wouldn't tweet song titles before a tracklisting had been settled on.

It occurred to me that I haven't heard Up in Flames yet, so I better get in on the action!


Oh crap...

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