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We Made Up!


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If you dont care why care to comment? :confused:


err. :|


When I first got here I needed some advice on how to deal with being alone, this is a follow up for those who talked to me


Okay... I guess :uhoh:


Oh crap thats not good :uhoh:



do I have to say congrats now?[/color]






What does that mean :confused:


Both of you should LEARN from your mistakes and make it work this time.

This is very tricky because usually people who get back together mostly end up fighting again for the same reasons. Learn from your mistakes and good luck!!


Thank you!

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Oi, but you were so not over her. Does this mean that you two are now just friends but you still have more feelings for her?


and is this the girl in your avatar?


btw, yeah, I do appreciate reading how this story continues. I also read the part were you asked when the hearting of a broken heart would be over.

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I still have little feelings, but I'm trying to move on. I need someone of interest but I dot stand a chance.


And no thTs my mum in the picture :awesome: I need a new avatar....I'll start taking pictures when my F****** acne clears up -_-


Thanks, good to know some people read what I put out so I don't feel like a moron.


I'm 15 btw so I still have time as most people would say :nod:

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