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Album song poll round #5


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when i play clocks its so much more fun

that bass line in it?

oh man

the music videos say it all


when i play yellow on bass its all of seriuosly 4 different notes


Sooo true! Yellow's bass is just boring! you're right, there are like, 5 notes in it. but clocks... wow, that's different... like, when chris is singing "yooouu aaare" the bass line is just so great! :cool:

But yellow still is a great song anyways.


I tried to learn the bass lines for Clocks, it´s not difficult. I think I just have to practice more... :lol:

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*Cos my vote was allll yellowwwww*, yeah I went with yellow cos everytime I hear it I think about the time Coldplay came to Toronto last June and I was in the front and he sang a bit of the song to me, so..now it has a special sort of meaning to me (Clocks is a brilliant one also, so amazing live)

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Well I go for Clocks

because the lyrics has a better thought...

but I hated that they milked clocks a milion times on any radio station and tv show thing..

so..I changed my mind!

Yellow it is.. not a ''well known song'' that even trance/dance guyz would play in their tuned up cars..

(did you knew that clocks base/piano line is a clock..look at your watch and listen..).. Lauren.S :sneaky:

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