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So what the hells going on here anyway?


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They're releasing 2 singles before the album?! Who does that?


I understand Every Tear was for festival season (Although its still a bit odd to release a single months before an album) but now with Paradise coming out, this is just confusing.


Innit? Rags.

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Guest howyousawtheworld

Promotion overload. Has enough people bothered to cast their glances towards Dave Holmes their manager as well as the band? The interview he gave to Billboard recently showed he was hell bent on doing anything he can to sell them. Yeah that's what managers do but you've got to worry a bit when most of a feature on Coldplay is taken up by their manager talking of ways to sell them. Worse still Chris Martin actually asks him for opinions on their music.

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Stars released Fixed and We Don't Want Your Body before TFG dropped, and then they premiered Dead Hearts, Wasted Daylight, etc. through music sites like COS.


Arcade Fire released The Suburbs/Month Of May (double A-side single), Ready To Start, AND We Used To Wait before The Suburbs dropped.


Broken Social Scene had World Sick and Forced To Love/All To All (double A-side single) before FRR dropped last year.


Hell, even Modest Mouse released three (four counting King Rat with the WWD pre-order) singles from their 2009 EP before it dropped.


The recent Danger Mouse/James Mercer duo Broken Bells had The High Road and Vaporize out before that self-titled album was released and they're not nearly as successful as Coldplay.


If anything, it seems kind of the norm what they're doing. Especially with Paradise marking six weeks until MX sees release.

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Beirut also released East Harlem and Goshen before they released their most recent album. It's not an unusual thing to do.


What bothers me more is that we've heard about half of the album already through those festivals. I'm not really looking forward to the album as much as I probably would have been, especially since a lot of the new material has been pretty underwhelming for me.

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