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Someone's already probably mentioned this, but if you check on Spotify, it lists Major Minus and Every Teardrop as having single and album versions.


I thought those that hadn't seen would appreciate this, given the dislike of the vocal effects on MM.

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I seem to be a part of the minority that likes the vocal effects :cool: But I wish they would incorporate the echoes on the guitar--those sounded beastly.


As for ETiaW, I think it needs to have some of the synths stripped away . . . maybe incorporate a piano at the beginning instead of the synth loop?


If the album versions are different, that is :shrug:

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Here it is to anybody who doesn't have Spotify. I think this makes it a very strong possibility that there will be a different mix on the album, especially considering they were still working on the album until very recently. I have a feeling that rather than taking things away they'll be adding more unfortunately. In my opinion taking off a few layers would improve both the songs greatly.


One of the most likely changes is probably going to be an ambient intro and outro to the songs so they flow into the next song on the album. This is supposed to be a single piece of music after all.

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^ Agreed, please not more synths....

Major Minus is perfect as it is IMO, but I wouldn't mind a stripped down ETIAW.

Don't think they will be very different though.


Yep, it's pretty perfect as is (except for the lack of echoes, of course :rolleyes: )


Probably not, unfortunately. ETiaW has grown on me some, but it's still one of my least favorite from this era.

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