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New Facebook Timeline/Profile.


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So Facebook announced a the F8 keynote yesterday that they were giving your profile's the most dramatic facelift since the site started in 2004. The beta is only available to Developer's at the moment but if you know how, it's easy enough to get now





The link in the spoiler above works perfectly, and incase you don't want to change it up just yet, I've taken a screenshot of my own updated profile for you to see so you can get a feel for how much things are changing.







Personally I really like it, I've spent about half an hour playing about with it and utilising the timeline feature to the right at the top of the screenshot, to go back to when I first opened my account and see what I was up to back then. It really does work and though I know the majority of people complain whenever FB changes anything- I think once they get a feel for it, people will really love this.


What are your thoughts?

do you care or not, and will you be following the link above to get started right away? post your thoughts, I'm just interested to see if there are any other geeks out there with me!




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Yesterday I watched this video in facebook and yes it looks really interesting.. I want to see how people act with new facebook. ,as you know, a lot of couple break up because of facebook status or somethnig like related to facebook -stupidly- now they're gonna see their lover with his/her history :nod:

on the other hand we can see our friends or even our bosses,teachers childhood :awesome:


great idea Mr.Zuckenberg, congrats :smug::smug:

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Reminds me a bit of the old MySpace now.


That banner is absolutely huge. I hope that gets scaled down because that'll be really annoying for me...


I do like how status updates and recent activity is now separated. That's a good change in my eyes. Having them together is a bit convoluted and gets a bit much.


Not sure about Timeline. Easier to stalk people, woo! The amount of space it takes up lengthwise is awkward tho, bah!


Maybe everything looks wide because of your strange resolution.


Also, most of these features look like Facebook is making more of a move towards a life-blog site.

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They keep messing about with the site all the time, what was wrong with the photo viewer in the first place?. The display changed to a pop-out with smaller pics.


Anyways, I deleted mine a while ago cos it was getting tedious and so decided to keep in touch with all my friends on a personal level though text and e-mails. I used to get a feeling i had a few stalkers on the various band fan-groups I was on.

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yeah, you turn turn pokes off in your settings.


I'm pretty excited for the new layout. It looks so much more modern and i love the idea of being able to basically show your life on one page. Also, that massive photo space on the front of the profile looks nice......i'll probably put something Coldplay related there :)

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God, I loathe that. Seems pointless to me.

Also even if you unsubscribe from someone in your news feed, if a friend of yours likes or comments on their status IT COMES UP IN YOUR NEWSFEED. It's made unsubscribing rather redundant for me.

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