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what's new in here?


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....:shocked2:...i can't believe..i am here after, uhm...more than 1 or 2 years? (now i noticed...more than 18 months)

As 1st i wanna say ciao to all new and old coldplayers. Many things changed for everyone, furthermore facebook flatted our way to communicate, but i am still satisfied this forum still stands.

Coldplay are still a solid band, keeping to give us great music and feelings, like in Lisbon this july, where i passed a couple of days and an unforgettable with some friends i met here years ago.

So...long live to Coldplaying and Coldplay :D

Then.....what's up in here?


p.s: Anyone knows about any italian gig for this autumn? It's bad they still haven't planned one, and please, remember that Italy doesn't end in Bologna.....ok?

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Hello there, I'm new here. I guess you could call me a freshman, so you should probably show me around all the local clubs and drug hotspots. Hope you get your Italian gig, I have the option of Leeds or Glasgow, but neither may be an option as I have no money. Oh well, I guess I can just keep watching my Glastonbury recording and singing along.

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Magpie? Oh cool, that's kind of like blackbird, which is a wicked good song! Some people call me Jeeves too. I didn't actually get to go to Glasto but I watched it live and it was incredible, I have an HD recording of it that I watch all the time, it makes everything seem happy :D Nice to meet you too.

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i've seen them twice...once in Udine, in northern Italy, in 2009., travelling 850 km by bus, arriving at the stadium, watching the concert from far stands and immediately travelling back

The last time was much better.m i was with special people too, and i planned a fantastic trip in Madrid and Lisbon for them :)

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