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hi, i'm from saarbruecken/germany


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hi, my name is sabine and i'm from germany - saarland.

my english is not really got, but i try hard to "talk" with you about coldplay and other things...:embarrased: i'm signed in this forum since july, but my language-barriere has stopped me to write a posting.:sweatdrop:

now i take part from your great multimedia-site and your postings and i thought, its time to write a great "thank you". i love this forum and the people in it... they're really from everywhere *wow*


so.. i think its enough for the moment


bye, sabine :)


to mycdplayerisbroke: sorry for taking the avatar from .. who?? ;) i take from my pc - it was really a chance

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aha... das hört sich ja interessant an... aus ner großstadt innen kaff zum studieren gehen, hört man ja auch nich so oft :)

schön dass man auch mal auf deutsch schreiben kann, ich find das forum hier klasse und freue mich auf den austausch

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