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The Yellow/Clocks/Fix You/Viva La Vida of this album?


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There is no big single on this album its a concept album and is suppose to be one cohesive album so the whole album itself is likethe "hit" in an interview chris said they wanted to make an album that you have to listen to all the way through to get the story and he admitted making a CD like this is like making a really nice horse and buggy in the time were automobles were more used and more popular. According to itunes the most poopular is PoC, of course. I'm guessing all the songs with interludes precedingit will be singles otherwise they just include those with intro of the songs, unless they just really wanted to use those song titles: mylo xyloto, MMIX and A Hopeful transmission are pretty badass names

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I don't think there's a single song on this record that'll reach the popular heights Viva la Vida did.


"Charlie Brown" is the obvious comparison, but its chorus in no way compares to that of "Viva la Vida." Even down to the way he sings "we'll be glow-in-in the da-a-ark" – it's jagged. It doesn't lend itself to the sort of easy, steady listening that did the chorus of "Viva la Vida." As well, the "all the girls all the boys" is another somewhat odd, jagged turn that I personally enjoy but, again, doesn't lend itself nearly as well for the radio. And lest we forget the famous "oh oh oh" of Viva la Vida – there is absolutely NOTHING that immediately catchy on this album.



CB doesnt have a chorus and that's the beauty of the song. And It doesn't need it.

VLV was fresh and daring. So is Charlie Brown but in a different way.

VLV success is largely due to the Apple tv-commercial that aired pretty much non stop.

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CB doesnt have a chorus


Wrong. CB's chorus is Jonny's guitar riff. Same goes for Princess of China (albeit, it's the vocal/synthie thing there) and Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall.

Effectively, even HLH has a chorus ("When you use your heart as a weapon, it hurts like heaven").


In fact, I love how they are fiddling with common song structures and creating new ones. It started on Viva (42, DAAHF), but they are much more consequent with it on this record. It's things like that that show that Coldplay are not a typical pop band. Most pop acts avoid odd song structures.

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I was thinking about this the other day, and there's usually one song in the public consciousness from each album. I agree with Yellow, Clocks, Fix You and Viva la Vida with the possible addition of The Scientist and Violet Hill. But from MX, I think Charlie Brown and Princess of China will be remembered. Most people can give you the rough tune of the songs mentioned from the past four albums, and I think in years to come, PoC and CB will join the club.


Although I'd love DLIBYH to become one of those songs, I strongly doubt it ever will.

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From what I've noticed, it's always one of the singles.

Usually the second one.

The only exception was Clocks being the third single for A Rush of Blood to the Head (the second being The Scientist, which I consider to be equally as popular).


I think they intentionally plan to release their second single as what they believe will be their most positively received song by the public.


Speaking of singles, didn't they say they pushed back Charlie Brown in place of Princess of China? The only reason I can imagine why they'd do this is for timing, which kind of adds to my theory above.

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