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The Yellow/Clocks/Fix You/Viva La Vida of this album?


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What song do you guys think would end up being the Yellow/Clocks/Fix You/Viva La Vida of this album?


I don't necessarily mean the best song in the album, just that one song that in the album that everyone recognizes immediately and associates with the album. Just like how every time Parachutes is mentioned, Yellow is also mentioned and etc.

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For the general public -Coldplay fans, I think Paradise is going to stick in people's heads; a good thing or a bad thing I'll leave up to you to decide. But the big, big song will be Charlie Brown, with Hurts Like Heaven coming in a close second if it's released as a single. (I don't know if HLH will be a single, bits of it just don't seem radio friendly enough even though I love it)

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For me it's Hurts Like Heaven. For wide world it's Princess of China. For many Coldplay fans it's Charlie Brown. For Chris it's Every Teardrop. For Jonny, Guy and Will it's Up In Flames. :nod:


Up in Flames is such a good song! Without a doubt, it should be remembered.


I think : Charlie Brown and UATW should be.

Charlie Brown, PoC and HLH will be.

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When/if Charlie Brown gets released as a single, then that'll be it. But I'm starting to get the feeling that it won't be.. :/


Do we know for sure if Princess of China is the next single?




"Singles from Mylo Xyloto


"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"

Released: 3 June 2011


Released: 12 September 2011

"Princess of China [1]"

Released: 25 October 2011"

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as far as what gets added to the "classic" set list I can see Charlie Brown and Us Against the World making the cut. Charlie Brown being a rousing crowd pleaser ala Clocks and Viva la Vida while Us Against the World becomes a cell phones in the air moment for years to come.

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