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Coldplay buys part of East Devon technology business


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INTERNATIONAL chart toppers Coldplay were so impressed by innovative light show technology being produced by a Honiton business that the band bought part of the company.


RB Concepts, which has a registered office in Offwell, teamed up with Coldplay after developing interactive LED light wristbands, which allow audiences to become part of a show.


Entrepreneurs Clive Banks and Jason Regler approached the band to see if they would be interested in using the wristbands,


Mr Banks told the Midweek Herald that the band not only became the company’s partners in the project but also bought part of the company.


He said: “It is huge to be working with Coldplay.”


The company approached the band, who said they would like to try the wristbands out during the launch of their latest album, Mylo Xyloto, in Madrid .


The LED wristbands were handed out to members of the crowd at last week’s live event and lit up during the band’s first song as part of a world ‘first’ interactive experience.


“It was a huge challenge to design, manufacture and deliver 17,000 wristbands at very short notice, but we are now working with the hottest act on the planet,” said Mr Banks.


The new technology aims to increase audience participation at live events.


He said: “The big thing is audience participation and this means bands can relate more to the audience.


“It means there is a lot more audience participation, as opposed to it being static.”


RB Concepts has high hopes for the technology in the future and Mr Banks says the wristbands could even be used at the Olympics.


Coldplay is believed to be keen to use the wristbands at the forthcoming European Music Awards in Belfast.


“The next move would be to have the wristbands at sporting events and night time events,” says Mr Banks.


“We are also looking towards using it at the Olympics.”


Coldplay will be unveiling something even more innovative when they begin their European tour next month.



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