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[9-Jun-2012] Coldplay @ Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK

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Managed to get myself a ticket for this yesterday :D seriously CAN'T WAIT to see Coldplay live again now!! will be my 2nd time, but first time seeing them at such a massive stadium concert :shocked2:


I've also got a hotel booked for myself for a couple of nights from 8th to 10th, so I only have to worry about getting the train down the day before, and then back home on the 10th haha!


Was hoping I wouldn't have to go alone to this gig though :/ but anyone I asked about it who I was hoping would go with me, said they wouldn't be able to due to being skint D: oh well its their loss I guess! plus I don't want anyone holding me back from my dream of seeing Coldplay live at a stadium!! :)

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Are they still letting people in early to help sort wristbands etc? Was wondering if I got there for about 12 or 1pm whether I'd get to help out.

Hmm whats this about?! :o haven't heard much about it myself, but sounds like it would be cool? haha!

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Does anyone have an extra "general admission" ticket for the gig on June 9th?


I just realized I mistakenly bought an extra ticket for June 10th show instead of 9th. :(


I'll gladly pay cash, and will be able to meet up in Manchester to collect on June 8th, as that's when we arrive.

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