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South american tour


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You really signed your jerk certificate with this statement. Brazil isn´t a little country, Argentina isn´t a little country. What really pisses me off is that lots of bands make "world tours" but they exclude south america. That´s not fair. We are fans like everybody else and we deserve a little respect from some bands... And your country is no better than any other.


like i give a shit

jerk certificate


why the hell is everyone on my case


im talking about i wouldnt go to little countries.

i didnt put the period

i wouldnt go tour in little countries (ie el salvador, chile, honduras, etc.)

good grief

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i agree with noni that perhaps it's not entirely the bands decision.. you know 'cause all everybody ever wants to do is make moola .. so if their not sure they're gonna make enough money, then they won't go to other countries. but i must say that really sucks!

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Mrs. Buckland, habla es español, no hay problema! Te apuesto que las chicas brasileñas igual van a entender, Noni es española, Solei habla español (si no me equivoco) y Reno or Riff es Perúano asi que no hay problema!


Hay gente no deseada aquí, que no habla español asi que.............! :lol: :lol:

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¿Qué cosa?........ Sabias que podias hablar español acá' date=', bueno es una pena por las chicas brasileñas, pero a mi se me hace más comodo! :rolleyes:[/quote']


I can´t speak spanish, but I can understand a little.. So it´s okay by me if you write in spanish sometimes :-)

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