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[4-Mar-2012] Coldplay @ Amnesty International Presents: The Secret Policeman's Ball, New York, NY, U


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Oh Mumford & Sons are great! I have to admit I only know them by name, and maybe I've heard one song, but it's the first time I watch them perform and it's pretty great :wacko:


Sigh. We have to wait until 7pm California time to watch it, and we got lucky. I didn't even know that EpixHD is part of our cable package, so it's set to record on my dvr :)


Mumford and Sons are AWESOME. They are definitely in my top 5 bands. I've seen them twice in concert, and they are just such great guys, and do a great show. I can't wait for their second album to come out - they've been in the studio working on it for awhile. Definitely check out their first album.

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thanks girls, they might save the best for last. :)


I'm sure they are. Colbert might be introducing them since he hasn't appeared yet. I hope they play more than 3 songs. They're going to Para para.... again arg! I'd prefer Fix You or Viva but I guess they have to promote new stuff.

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