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9fags took our joke!

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there you go ! The whole idea of this thread is that before releasing MX Chris Martin said he doesn't want stupid kids putting their songs on their mobiles as ringtones,implying that he wants their music to last and be special ...well maybe next time try releasing songs that aren't so mainstream and more coldplay becuase as we know now stupid kids that have no idea of coldplay do use paradise as a ringtone and jokes on the anti-joke site known as 9fag are made!

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So because ETIAW is my ringtone (and alarm clock, btw) I'm a stupid (mainstream) kid?


no..... thats not the point


Who cares if 'kids have them as ringtones' and blabber about it every where? Just because they have an annoying way of showing of their inner fanboy/fangirl, doesn't mean we need to hate against them.

ok now visit coldplay's paradise and read the top comments

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I've got Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall as my ringtone.

My alarm is Violet Hill.

But then if that doesn't wake me up, I use Smack My Bitch Up as a back-up.


I'll express my devotion for this band however I damn well like, thank you very much. 9gag (who I've only just heard of tonight) nor anyone else will come between that.

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oh come on dudes i have ETIAW as a ringtone thats not the point for heaven sake again....u put it as a ringtone because it means something to you not because its popular..... and the for a week the top comments where para-para-parrot dies .... i mean the same joke ,in the top comments for a whole fu**ing week or more.Why i created this thread well because i wanted to show you that coldplay took a wrong direction (not their new music style) but the whole commercial thing,and they kinda of got what they feared most....becoming mainstream in the bad way hope this clears it up!

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