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Best MX song when played live


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Definately Charlie Brown for me, no other song gets the crowd involved as much.


Major Minus would be a close second, I think it's fast becoming a really underrated song. I think it's fantastic live.


Of course HLH is a great start to the shows, with MX at the start and the wristbands its spine-tingling! Also from what I've seen DLIBYH looks like it could be one of the best live songs as well.

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That was a tough one. I tend to love live versions of songs I already adore. Which is why it was tough not voting for Hurts Like Heaven and Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall. But, man, Us Against The World is just a whole other song when played live. I'm completely in love with it. I love Chris' simple acoustic guitar and Will's smooth voice.

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You could make an argument for HLH and CB as the best for different reasons.


HLH because it's so fast-paced and relentless and beautiful and awesome.


CB because it's a Coldplay- Classic with amazing incorporation of the Xylobands.

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