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Going on 20. What impulsive things should I do to finish my teenage years?


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are you speaking from experience


Haha :lol:

No. :disappointed:


I've never been to a Coldplay gig (yet), and I wouldn't do that anyway :lol:

Though I read that a girl did that at one of the 2012 MX gigs. Last week, I think.

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I think quite a few girls have done it in the past. If I'm not mistaken, someone once threw a bra at Chris and he dodged away :lol:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRehJkbcOJ4&t=2m5s]Coldplay Plays Lost - YouTube[/ame]


Also hopy crap finally someone else that went to Sydney Sound Relief is acturry on the forum

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Any funny ideas or important things I must do, realise or appreciate?

if i were you i'd stay calm and then do the teenage stuff passed that age, that sure will be lots more shocking for everybody.


well, impulsive things to do not mentioned that i can think of now:

get a weird new look, swim in the sea at night, go stole fruits from some garden, troll time in some shop or while in a transport, go to as many concerts/parties as you can in a row, do all adrenaline/xtreme sports a least once, travel abroad or do a long road trip, try to beat your all-nighter record, ... or as the others said here already.


how i didn't knew about coldplay and bras until now... i have the impresison they've played in way too many bullrings now (there was a bullfighter here too popular among women and they used to throw their clothes at him, back in the 90s).


anyways you don't say what you've done in your previous teen years so no idea what we can advice you.

don't trust me much, i used to be all good until my mid 20s but now i'm feeling more teenager and i don't care about it.

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