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Parachutes nominated for HMV's Best British Album of the past 60 years


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HMV are marking the Queen's Diamond Jubilee by asking the Great British public to vote for their favourite album made during her reign.


Coldplay's Parachutes has made the shortlist. You can vote for up to five albums, including your own suggestion if it isn't on the shortlist.


You can vote here https://apps.facebook.com/hmvjubilee/


A Rush Of Blood To The Head should have been on the list though!

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I Like Parachutes better than AROBTTH, but in terms of classic albums, AROBTTH comes above Parachutes IMO



Like, I can't really say what's my favourite album (I put X&Y when I opened my account on here, but it's more of a personal, emotional reason), but, in terms of "classics", and if I have to be "objective" I'd say that AROBTTH & VLV or DAAHF are Coldplay's best albums.

That VLV isn't on the list doesn't SHOCK me, but the absence of AROBTTH is a bit weird. I thought it was more...recognized.


It's great that Coldplay is on such a list, though, among all those big names.

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