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LOTR - Return of the King [SPOILERS]


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orlando bloom is sexy like Marbles, yes that sounds reallybad some people will understand .....about LOTR, i think the movie ppl shouldfilm the scouring of the shire and just put it in the dvd . for the everyone who hasnt read the ooks um books should know that what reeeeally happens is that when all the hobbitses return to the shire its overun with evil men who have made almost slaves of the hobbits and saruman is behind it all and they have a little batttle....uh

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i just saw it last night and it was an amazing movie. definatly the best out of the three.


for those who have read the books, wasn't there the part at the end where these things attack the shire? :huh: they start with an "r" but i can't remeber what they're called.

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