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LOTR - Return of the King [SPOILERS]


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Trying to think of the parts when I got welled up ...


When Theodin died, but it seems like there was a point prior to that where I started to be baby-ish.


Maybe when Theodin said Rohan would answer Gondor's call? Eh, maybe not.


I dunno.

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OK ... I am going to go to the 9:30 showing at Horton Plaza. If anybody is in the neighborhood' date=' you know where I'll be.[/quote']


You're psycho... kidding :D :stunned:


I like the part where gollum goes crazy at Sam and looks at him with his evil look. Poor Sam. And when Gollum calls Frodo "master", holds his hand and walks like a dog. :lol:

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Do you remember in the first movie when Bilbo says "I'd ask Frodo to come with me, but he's still in love with the Shire?"


Well, after all that had happened to him, Frodo was no longer in love with the Shire. He left to live out his life with the Elves, amongst those who view of the world was more like that which he had accepted.

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