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LOTR - Return of the King [SPOILERS]


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i saw it and it was pretty much exactly what i expected. just as visually stunning as the first two, and of course i already knew the plot, i just wanted to see how they'd tell it, because if i remember right, the second and third books are very non-linear (it's been a few years since reading them).


any complaints i have about it have more to do with the circumstances under which i saw it than with the movie itself. (i went to a midnight screening and had just watched the extended version of the two towers, so i'd just about had my fill of climactic battle scenes and dramatic death scenes, and by the time it ended, i was ready to sleep and it couldn't end soon enough)

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I can't imagien taking part in that marathon of showings, but you have my admiration.


The visuals on some of the sceens were just inspriing. When Gandalf rides out from Minas Tirith to shield Faromir and his men from the Nasgoul riders on Fell Beast with that light from his staff ... that picture was just awesome ... brought a tear to me eye ... kinda.


The best: When Legolas single-handedly took down that Mamakil ... wow.

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I didn't read any of the books but will now. I wasn't into LotR until I saw the first movie, and since I heard the movies were pretty different from the books in some respects (i.e., Arwan), I'm going to consider the movies soething totally different from the books ...


... that said, I did start to cheat this summer and I read the first 11 chapters of LotR (e.g., I read about half of Fellowship). When the extended edition DVD of TTT came out and they had the homage of Old Man Willow, I was able to understand where that came from.


Having read when I did, I completely understand why Tom Bombadil wasn't in the movie. In the book he's cool and neat but for a movie he doesn't add anything.


Sometimes I wish I had readthe book before seeing the movies, but that just wasn't meant ot be. Essentially, I found the movies first.



Re: Crying ...


... a lot of people were crying by the end of the movie. A lot of them started their crying when Theodin died.

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i have tickets for tomorrow!! :D have read the books tho so i know what's in store. i have heard/read that they dont go back to hobbiton at the end of the film... an interview with the hobbit guys (wood, astin, monaghan, boyd) said none of them were really keen on doing it at that point. at any rate, can't wait to see it, ill have more comments tomorrow night.

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Do they show Legolas more?


Not really. He pretty much plays the same role in scope. He has probably the most memorable point in the battle scene when he single-handedly takes down one of the Mamakil ... the effects for that sequence are remarkable.


But Bloom, as an actor, doesn't get to do much besides count. I mean this literally.


Do the hobbits go back?


Yes. The movie ends in hobbiton. Jackson spends an inordinate amount of time retracing them back to Hobitton ... HOWEVER, the Hobbitton they find IS NOT the Hobbitton depicted by Tolkien for their return. This Hobbitton is the Hobbitton they left: simple, scenic, and home.


No chains.

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Yeah ... I think after the Ring is destroyed there's this pressure to end the movie ... the audience is exhuasted at that point and another storyline wouldn't work within this movie. Plus, Saruman is completely cut out, and you couldn't have the Hobbiton story without reintroducing Saruman.


One of the interesting moments of that small, post-Morodor epilogue had Frodo, Merry, Sam and Pippen sitting down for ale as we saw them in the first movie, only this time there was a resignation in their faces, a realization that what they'd been through had forever changed their Hobbiton. Looking around the room at everybody being hobbits, enjoying their food and ale, they're struck by the oblivious nature of Hobbitton. On one hand that seems endearing to them, but on the other it's a constant reminder. This is seen on Frodo's face most keenly, as Hobbitton is no longer home to him.


Going back to Mordor ... it was very cool to see the eagles featured more prominently in thsi movie. They appear at the end, but anybody who has read the Hobbit has probably been awiting for a meaningful appearance by the eagles. Well, you get it in RotK.

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Great movie! I read the book and went to the movie theaters not expecting anything so that I wouldn't be dissapointed. And I wasn't! I liked the beacon part in the movie. Good cinematography. They left out some parts from the book, but it was ok because they kept most of the important parts of the story. And like Tom P. I was wondering how they would make the movie, b/c in the book they didn't talk about Frodo and Sam until halfway through the book. I thinked they merged all the plots of the story very well.

But you could tell that by the end of the movie, people were getting tired and wanted to leave. Some people even left before it was over. (I'm glad I didn't watch it at 12:00 because I don't think I would've made it!)

All in all, I would definitely recommend this movie! :D

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Well, the movie was grrreat, like I thought it would be.


But it was kinda hard to get into it because some kids (i say kids, but they were probably older than me) were talking and laughing through the whole thing!


All my favorit parts were in there... and my eyes only watered up 2 times! At the end when Merry and Pippin came running in to see Frodo and about 20 minutes into the movie... I forgot why... I really need to see this again!

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