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What's Your Latest School Timetable?

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School (It's an evening school.) beings in next week. It's coming. :rolleyes:







Share your school timetable if you'd like! :nice: :awesome:





Before creating this thread, I've asked many people even including this.





So, I think it's okay to post a school timetable here. :blush: :escaping2:

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I made up a timetable of the modules I signed up to do. I hope I get them, mainly because I do not want to do any of the other ones D; haha.

I won't know about my workshops and tutorials until college starts up so those will be put in too at some stage. But for now, this is what it looks like.




(Pink is sociology and purple is history. And the codes are for what building and rooms I am in :nice: )

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Go back?


I never went, I'm still on my coming upto 6 years now Gap Year :P


My timetable looks something like this

Monday to Thursday 8:30 - 17:00 work with a 30 minute lunch break somewhere between 12 and 2

Friday - 8:300 - 14:30, work, with a 30 minute lunch break at mid-day.


No 2 days are the same (apart from summer when everywhere it quiet and those days are spent making paper planes out of scrap paper)

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Good idea for a thread! I love reading about what people do here outside of Coldplaying.


If you would've asked me last year, I would've had school from 7am-7pm (sometimes 'til 10pm) because I was arrogant enough to believe I could do all that. Never again. :sad:




I have Math (Pre-Calc), English, Gym, Modern World History, and Exploring Computer Science every day in school,

as well as Biochemistry on Monday-Tuesday and Marine Science on Wednesday-Friday


and Introduction to Engineering Mondays and Wednesdays at my local junior college. :smiley:

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My class schedule is kind of weird, so I'll just say the class that I have for each period. (ACT= in-school activities, L=lunch; I have 2nd lunch every day)



A: Latin I

B: Health (Computer Science Fundamentals next semester)

C: English

D: Introduction to Scientific Research (study hall next semester)

E: Introduction to Physics (Intro to Chemistry next semester)

F: Integrated Social Science

G: Int. Math III [highest level of math at my school before AP Calc]

H: Study Hall! (Contemporary World History next semester)


..yep. :|

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I have this everyday so...


1st Period- Geometry

2nd Period- PE Fitness

3rd Period- Chemisty

4th Period- AP National State Local US Government

5th Period- Lunch~!

6th Period- Honors French 3A

7th Period- Arabic 2A

8th Period- Honors English 10


I basically run up and down the entire building. :bigcry: Except for the transition from 6th to 7th since it is next door :wacko:

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I have this schedule everyday as well from 7:15 to 2:05...


1st period: Pre-calculus

2nd period: English 4

3rd period: Audio/video productions

4th period: Audio/video productions

5th period: Advisory/Lunch

6th period: Economics/Free enterprise

7th period: Web technologies

8th period: Physics

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